Guides & Flows

Guides are your key to crafting the perfect "Product Tour" that helps your viewers navigate and understand your product's benefits. Here's how to get started with adding guides:

Using 'Record Screenshot'

If you used the "Record Screenshot" from the extension to record your demo, you're on the right track! You've probably created a guided demo already. Awesome job! Now, you have the power to enhance the recorded tour. Customize, remove, add, or rearrange guided steps according to your preferences.

Using 'Record HTML'

"Record HTML" is available starting from the Growth Plan.

If you recorded your demo from an extension using "Record HTML" then you would have captured all screens by now and should be ready to add guided steps.

(Note: If you need to first edit your captured content, then see editing screens)

By default, your demo creates a flow – a sequence of steps for users to follow. To see how to add steps to your flow, go to "Adding Guided Steps".

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