Capturing - Overview

The first step in making a Storylane Interactive Demo is Capturing.

Storylane Chrome Extension

  • First things first, make sure to install the Storylane Chrome Extension. Creating demos using our extension is super simple and easy - it takes 10 mins to get your first demo going.

Capturing Demo

Storylane gives you two choices for capturing your demo, the Screen Capture (Screenshot Demo) and the HTML Capture (HTML Demo).

  • The Screenshot Demo: With each click in your workflow, the Storylane extension takes a screenshot of it.

  • the HTML Demo: Storylane records the HTML and CSS of your screen, allowing you to customize and personalize it thoroughly for your viewers.

Pro tip: Use keyboard shortcut to capture screens faster: "option ⌥ + s"

How do I create a Mobile Interactive Demo?

Capturing screenshots on a mobile device for a mobile-specific demo will create the best mobile demo experience for your users.

For mobile devices, Storylane only supports the screenshot demo type.

  1. Take screenshots on your mobile device of your product, and upload them to your computer.

  2. From the Storylane Dashboard, click Create Demo in the top right.

  3. Select "Upload Screens Manually"

  4. Upload the mobile screenshots to Storylane.

  5. Edit demo as normal, noting the mobile screen size

  6. Publish and Share!

Can I create a demo manually without using the Chrome extension?

You bet! While the Chrome extension is a convenient tool for creating Storylane demos, you have the flexibility to manually create a demo without it.

This can be done by uploading your images or videos. Additionally, this approach allows you to incorporate other media into your demos during editing.

Particularly useful in scenarios where you might not have direct access to the product you want to demonstrate, or if you're working with designs in Figma and want to showcase specific screens, you can manually upload these screens to Storylane.

Figma tip: We recommend using Figma's prototype mode and capturing it directly via the Storylane extension for a smoother workflow.

Ensure that every image and video added to your demo share identical dimensions for optimal appearance.

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