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What is Storylane?

Storylane is the ultimate interactive demo platform designed to help companies easily create and share compelling product demos with their prospects, customers, and all relevant stakeholders.

Our mission is to empower companies to turn their product into Growth Engine. We're already helping 1000+ companies revolutionize the way people engage with their products and make demo creation an effortless process for everyone.

Who is Storylane for?

We cater to a diverse range of industries and departments, including sales, marketing, customer success, and product management. Our platform is perfect for those who want to showcase their software in a way that's both engaging and informative.

Below are some common use cases and examples of how Storylane is used by our customers today:

DepartmentUse Case


  • Product Tours: You can build a guided tour of your product and embed it on your marketing website. This will help drive PLG and increase qualified leads in your funnel. (PS: You can embed lead form as well)

  • Email Campaigns: Send product-tour in your email campaigns to show new features or specific flow of your product.

  • Blogs/Landing pages: Embed small quick guided tours of your product features in your blogs, resources, or landing pages to drive engagement.


  • Demo leave-behind: Create a guided + clickable demo of your product that's customized for your prospect and send it out to them as demo leave-behinds. This will help your champion buyer to internalize your product and accelerate deals.

  • Live Demos: Show Storylane demos in discovery calls or at various POC stages. Your sales reps can be trained to follow a consistent demo flow.

Customer Success

  • Onboarding: Your customer success team can use Storylane for onboarding customers to your product platform from beginning to end, with detailed steps.

  • Knowledge Base/How-to guides: You can embed Storylane demos in various knowledge base tools or docs as how-to-guide for your product features. This documentation will show you that as proof hopefully :)

Product Management

  • Product Change-log: If you shipped a new feature then record a quick demo in minutes to showcase your feature. Share the feature on social platforms and you can drive engagement.

  • Customer Feedback: Embed Storylane in various websites or services - Notion, Zendesk, Readme, Gitbook, Jira / Confluence, Webflow, etc to gather user feedback.

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@storylane.io.

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