Storylane Playbooks Overview

Interactive demos are the future, helping you resonate better with the audience at every stage of the buying journey. Here are detailed guides to help you create killer demos depending on the use case


Capture attention and introduce potential customers to your product's value proposition.

💡 Primarily used by: marketing, product marketing, BDR, lead/demand generation teams.


Nurture leads, and provide compelling reasons for prospects to finalize their decision and commit to your product.

💡 Primarily used by: sales, pre-sales, and sales engineering teams.


Enhance user experience for existing customers, ensuring they maximize the product's value and remain loyal.

💡 Primarily used by: Customer Success, Customer Support, Product Management teams.

Key Takeaway:

By tailoring your interactive demos to each stage of the customer journey, you can effectively engage, educate, and convert your audience. Use these playbooks as a guide to craft compelling demos that resonate.

Still, have questions or pondering a use case not covered here? We're here to help! Reach out to us at and let's craft your perfect demo together.

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