Conferences/Trade Shows

Conferences and tradeshows are pivotal to showcase your product to a live audience. Utilize Storylane's interactive demos to significantly enhance, comprehension and engagement.

The Goal

Engage attendees with interactive demos, increase comprehension, and establish a strong brand presence.

Implementation Guide

1. Conference Mode

Make sure to leverage Storylane’s distinct conference mode feature set.

  • Autoplay: As people pass by your booth, let the demo reel them in with autoplay. If they start interacting with the demo, the autoplay will halt automatically, giving them control.

  • Fullscreen Mode: Ensure the demo visually dominates, enabling easy viewing even from a distance.

  • Offline Mode: With unpredictable internet connections at conference venues, Storylane's offline mode ensures your demos run seamlessly, allowing continuous engagement without any hitches.

2. Demo Structure

  • Utilize Storylane's image modals to welcome users, tooltips, and walkthroughs to showcase your product's key features.

  • Make sure the demo has no more than 10 steps. If it's not possible, segment it into multiple flows and let viewers pick their own adventure.

  • Tailor the demo to fit the theme of the conference, ensuring relevance and resonance with the attendees. This customization will also help in aligning your product's capabilities with the prevailing discussions and interests at the event.

3. Live Demonstrations

  • If possible, schedule live demo sessions utilizing Storylane's fullscreen presentation feature.

  • Engage the audience with live Q&A sessions post-demonstration.

4. Post-Conference Distribution

  • Share the demo with attendees post-conference, offering a personalized experience based on the information collected.

  • Utilize Storylane’s analytics to track engagement and gather insights for future follow-ups.

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