Email Campaigns

Engage your potential customers by bringing your product closer to them through email nurturing campaigns. Visual content in emails can increase the click-through rate by 42%.

The Goal

Nurture leads and move them further along the sales funnel by showcasing the product's capabilities and relevance to their needs.

Implementation Guide

1. Sending Demos:

  • GIFs and Thumbnails: These are eye-catching and can convey a message quickly even if the recipient doesn't interact further. Consider using Storylane GIFs early in your emails for maximum impact.

  • Unique Demo Links: If you're using one demo across multiple campaigns, create a new link for each campaign. This allows you to measure analytics independently for each email campaign.

  • Pick your Email Provider: When sharing your demos via email campaigns, you can pick your email provider to track and personalize the data. Storylane supports 15+ different email providers.

    • Not only that, you can also send demo events to CRM, Marketing Automation, or your Data warehouse. See all integrations that Storylane supports.

  • Placing Demos: Links to demos should include clear and compelling CTA buttons that direct recipients to the full-screen demo in a separate tab. Use text like “See in Action” or “Try Yourself” to entice clicks.

2. Demo Structure:

  • Steps 1-3: Add a personalized hook, highlight a common challenge your potential customers face, and briefly introduce your product as a solution.

  • Steps 4-8: Showcase a primary feature that addresses the challenge, and delve into details with social proof. Explain the benefits and the value proposition as concisely as possible.

  • Steps 9-10: Recap the problem and its negative effects. Add a soft prompt about what they can expect in the future, and offer them a next step as a choice.

3. Personalization:

  • Personalization from URLs: You can personalize your demo content through URL query parameters. Once you have 'Text tokens' setup then you can build different demo URLs by encoding the token values as URL params.

  • Quality beats quantity: Conduct thorough persona discovery to understand your audience's needs and preferences. Utilize Storylane to tailor the demo content and design based on these insights.

CTA placing tip: End with a soft CTA to encourage engagement without overwhelming the recipient. Asking for a 30-minute demo call too soon might result in rejection or ghosting.

4. Performance and Notifications:

  • Send individual links for each prospect to track who opened and engaged with demos.

  • Set up Slack Alerts to get notified via Slack when a lead is engaged, allowing reps to act promptly.

Customer Examples

We have plenty of customers using Storylane in the consideration and decision stages, for pre-sales, email campaigns, live sales, and sales-leave behinds... However, due to privacy concerns, we are unable to share specific demos here.

Feel free to explore some of the success stories on our customer page, or contact us if you want to learn more about a specific customer use case.

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