Feature Explanations

Feature explanations are crucial in ensuring that customers are fully utilizing the product and discovering its evolving capabilities. Interactive Demos serve as excellent tools for this purpose.

The Goal

Educate existing customers and partners on new or underutilized features, promoting increased usage and sales.

Implementation Guide

1. Demo Structure

  • Step 1: Introduce the feature as a solution to a particular problem, and invite users to explore it.

  • Steps 2-5: Dive into the functionality of the feature using Storylane’s tooltips and hotspots, with a backdrop enabled. Use users's language, and talk about benefits instead of technical terms.

  • Step 6-7: Summarize the benefits and end with a CTA to try out the feature and add a secondary CTA to the additional resources for further learning or support.

We suggest to focus on 1 feature - 1 demo. If you want to showcase multiple features to your viewers in a single demo, utilize Storylane's Product Tour which gives viewers the option to pick their own adventure.

  • Experience the Example Below 👇

2. Keep Demos Ungated

  • The goal is to increase the feature adoption, so make sure to keep demos ungated all the time, allowing readers to access the demo without barriers, and ensuring they grasp the basic concept.

3. Branding and Navigation

  • Make sure the demos are in your company's custom-branded domain, to ensure high trust and reliability.

  • Set up a Navigation Bar to allow viewers to jump between steps easily & quickly.

4. Leverage Integrations

  • If you are sending product update emails, track and personalize demos by passing data from CRM or Marketing Automation platforms to increase engagement.

  • Get notified in Slack whenever someone relevant visits a demo, so that the Sales/CS team can have a clear overview and act if needed.

5. Demo Placement

  • Deploy these demos within feature update emails, in the help center/knowledge base, and on partner portals.

  • When sending emails, we suggest adding demo GIFs to emails to reduce the text and make the content more visual.

  • Utilize Storylane’s embed features to seamlessly integrate the demos within different platforms, ensuring they are easily accessible.

Customer Examples

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