Partner/Reseller Stack

Engaging partners in sales endeavors is a pivotal aspect of expanding market reach and driving revenue growth.

The Goal

  • Equip partners with compelling interactive demos to enhance their sales pitches, thereby driving more sales and strengthening partner relationships.

Implementation Guide

1. The Structure

🥳 Interactive demos are an excellent way to educate partners about your product without giving them actual access to it.

  • Have between 8-12 steps, and leverage tooltips and hotspots to navigate the resellers/partners and keep them engaged.

  • HTML Editor: Use the Demo Editor to change text, images, copyright, and even add custom HTML to tailor the demo to each partner's specific needs.

  • Linking and Auto-linking: Seamlessly navigate between screens using linking and auto-linking features. Once you have recorded various screens needed for your demo, build links between captured screens to simulate a live demo experience.

  • Provide ongoing support and updates on how to leverage new features to keep the demos up-to-date and effective.

  • Maintain a clear, logical flow of information, and avoid using jargon and technical terms, to help the partner’s prospects easily understand the value proposition.

2. Demo Placement:

  • Place demos on a dedicated partner portal using Storylane's embedding features, ensuring easy access and high visibility.

  • Educate partners that they can embed the demos on the websites, add them as GIFs to email campaigns, share them on social media, and leverage them in sales presentations and at conferences.

3. Performance Tracking:

  • Have individual links for each sales rep/partner/reseller to track the usage and their performance.

  • Establish a feedback mechanism with partners to continuously improve the demos based on real-world feedback.

Customer Examples

We have plenty of customers using Storylane in the consideration and decision stages, for pre-sales, email campaigns, live sales, and sales-leave behinds... However, due to privacy concerns, we are unable to share specific demos here.

Feel free to explore some of the success stories on our customer page, or contact us if you want to learn more about a specific customer use case.

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