Share Link

When sharing Storylane demo links, you have 2 options: public share links and custom links.

Copy your public link to share your interactive demo with prospects through emails, social posts, messages, etc.

Anyone with the link can open it without the need for a Storylane account, making it a hassle-free experience.

  • In case the content is confidential, you can adjust the link settings with a passcode or expiry date. See how to set it up in this interactive demo below 👇

If you want to have multiple links for the same demo to track the performance of each separately, you can create additional demo links.

One key advantage of using the Additional Custom Link is its ability to tag new contacts in your CRM systems like HubSpot or Salesforce, when prospects interact with your demo, enabling you to track engagement and performance efficiently. Use these insights for follow-up strategies.

Also, you can customize each link with custom tokens, assign different links for team members, or use the same demo in multiple campaigns or landing pages.

Here is an interactive demo on how to create it 👇

Share with a Recipient

You can customize the demo link with a recipient's email to make it trackable and receive instant notifications when viewed.

Here is an interactive demo on how to do it 👇

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