Customer Support & Help Documentation

Interactive demos eliminate the need for lengthy documentation, monotonous tutorials, and never-ending meetings, paving the way for a more engaging and efficient learning experience.

The Goal

Enhance user understanding, reduce support tickets, and accelerate the onboarding process through interactive demos.

Implementation Guide

1. Demo Structure

💡 For this purpose, consider the interactive demo as the how-to guide. Each demo should be straightforward and simple.

  • Steps 1-2: Start with a common challenge or question that users have. Introduce the demo's objective, i.e., what the user will learn or solve by the end of the demo.

  • Steps 3-6: Walk through the primary steps, using Storylane’s tooltips and hotspots. Provide additional insights or tips, utilizing Storylane’s secondary CTA for supplementary information.

  • Steps 7-8: Recap the key points, reinforcing the learning objectives. Provide resources for further learning or support contacts.

2. Demo Placement:

  • Help Center: Embed demos next to relevant articles or FAQs.

  • Product Interface: Utilize Storylane’s feature to deploy demos within the product interface, offering guided tours as users navigate.

  • Support Tickets: Include links to relevant demos in automated responses or support replies, aiding self-service resolutions.

Customer Examples

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