Live Demos

Engage prospects effectively during sales calls by creating personalized and insightful demos. Showcase your product in a compelling manner, tailored to each prospect's needs.

The Goal

Create a captivating demo experience during sales calls that resonates with the prospects' needs and interests, showcasing the value and capabilities of your product, all while making it interactive.

Implementation Guide

1. Quick Customization:

  • Use the Demo Editor to change text, images, copyright, and even add custom HTML to tailor the demo to each prospect.

  • Show demos of varying data sets to cater to diverse stakeholders, ensuring every viewer finds value.

  • Employ Storylane Token variables for a personalized demo experience. We suggest adjusting the date/time in your demo to keep the content fresh, and to share a unique link for each prospect without having to replicate demos, ensuring a personalized experience.

2. Multiple Personas - Multiple Flows:

  • If selling to multiple personas, create specific flows for different personas, allowing prospects to pick their own personalized adventure based on their needs.

  • If not, utilize Flows & Product Tours to showcase different features of your product in a single demo, making it easier for prospects to grasp the value proposition.

3. Navigation and Linking:

  • Design intuitive navigation within the demo: have no more than 10 steps in each flow.

  • Use the prospects' language when describing content. Avoid buzz or technical terms.

  • Seamlessly navigate between screens using linking and auto-linking features. Once you have recorded various screens needed for your demo, then you can build links between captured screens to simulate a live demo experience.

Practice makes perfect. Know the demo inside out for a smooth presentation and check that all links work and interactive elements function correctly.

Customer Examples

We have plenty of customers using Storylane in the consideration and decision stages, for pre-sales, email campaigns, live sales, and sales-leave behinds... However, due to privacy concerns, we are unable to share specific demos here.

Feel free to explore some of the success stories on our customer page, or contact us if you want to learn more about a specific customer use case.

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