Sales Leave-Behinds

By sharing a personalized demo with your champion swiftly, you can showcase the value of your product before competitors swoop in.

The Goal

Provide a personalized demo that reinforces the discussion from the sales meeting, showcasing the value of your product in addressing the prospect's challenges.

Implementation Guide

1. Demo Structure:

  • The average buying committee is around 7 people. If selling to multiple personas, create multiple flows tailored for each persona. This allows them to choose a personalized journey based on their unique needs.

  • Make sure to utilize linking and auto-linking features to stimulate a live demo experience.

This approach involves creating multiple demo flows tailored to different aspects of the product or different user personas.

💡 It allows you to split and focus on individual features, ensuring each is given its due attention.

💡 You can create demos specifically designed for different user personas, ensuring the content is relevant and engaging for each.

💡 Each flow is concise, reducing the risk of overwhelming the prospect and increasing the likelihood of them completing the demo.

Design intuitive navigation within the demo, ensuring each flow contains no more than 10 steps:

  • Step 1-2: Recap the key points discussed during the sales meeting, emphasizing the prospect's challenges and introducing your solution. Add a video to make it more personal and set the context.

  • Step 3-8: Deep dive into the primary feature that addresses the main pain point discussed. Delve into details that provide additional value, using tooltips and hotspots interactive guides for engagement. Use the AI Voice Generator for detailed explanations.

  • Steps 9-10: Recap and offer a special promotion using a media modal to increase FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out).

Tip: Set up a Navigation Bar to allow viewers to jump between steps easily & quickly.

2. Demo Placement:

  • Email Follow-Up: Share the personalized demo via URL in a follow-up email, thanking them for their time and providing the demo as a reference. Personalize from URL params to give every prospect a unique buying experience.

  • Personalized Landing Page: For high-value potential customers, consider crafting individualized landing pages tailored specifically for each company, and embedding interactive demos into it.

    • For lower-value prospects, a more generic landing page can be utilized, still offering a personalized touch but without the need for individual customization.

3. CTAs:

  • Which CTAs you will have in a demo depends on what you agreed on in the sales call. If you agreed to have another call in some time, end with a strong CTA, e.g. "Schedule Follow-Up Call".

  • To try shortening the sales cycle, go with adding exclusive offers to increase the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Experiment and A/B test until you find the optimal offer.

Tip: Link the CTA with your Calendly and ensure a smoother meeting setup process.

6. Performance and Optimization:

  • Analytics: Send individual links for each company to track who opened demos.

  • Integrations: Seamlessly create new leads and/or update demo analytics for leads with platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and others.

  • Notifications: Get notified via Slack when a demo is opened, allowing reps to act promptly.

Customer Examples

We have plenty of customers using Storylane in the consideration and decision stages, for pre-sales, email campaigns, live sales, and sales-leave behinds... However, due to privacy concerns, we are unable to share specific demos here.

Feel free to explore some of the success stories on our customer page, or contact us if you want to learn more about a specific customer use case.

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