Account-Level Insights

On the Accounts Page in Storylane Analytics, you can:

  • Track demo engagement at the account level, not just individual leads.

  • Get insights to identify and prioritize engaged accounts.

  • Use this data to tailor your outreach based on the demo engagement.

How to pass Account insights to a 3rd party? How does the integration work?

Currently, you have the flexibility to send the accounts data through Zapier, or opt for direct export.

Coming soon, you'll be able to push account insights directly to HubSpot and Marketo, enriching the individual lead data you already send.

The accounts are recorded based on either Lead or Account Reveal info. If any of these are available for the session, an account will be created/updated. So, if the lead goes through the demo and submits the form, or Account Reveal detects the company by IP, the company will be visible on the Accounts page.

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