Create new leads and send demo analytics to Marketo
Storylane directly integrates with Marketo. With the integration, you can:
  • Create new leads
  • Update demo analytics for leads
  • Create timeline activity of demo session for leads

Capturing Leads

There are few ways in which you can identify new leads. You can refer the article on Lead Tracking to learn more

How to Integrate

  • To get started, reach out to your sales contact or support team for Marketo Integration
  • Support will send you a secure URL to connect your Marketo account. Once you open the URL and click on the "Configure Marketo" button, you will be prompted to provide these details -> (client-id, client-secret, endpoint-url, and identity-url)
  • Below is a quick story on how to find them in your Marketo account:

Storylane Custom Properties & Custom Activities

Once the integration between Marketo and Storylane is successful, then you will see demo analytics populated both as custom field and custom activity for the leads
Custom fields
Demo Name - last viewed demo
  • type: String
  • name: sl_last_demo_name
Demo Viewed At - when the demo was viewed last
  • type: DateTime
  • name: sl_last_demo_at
Demo Time (secs) - time spent in seconds
  • type: Integer
  • name: sl_last_demo_time_secs
Demo Complete (%) - percent of steps completed
  • type: Percent
  • name: sl_last_demo_completion_percent
Demo Link - link to the demo
  • type: Url
  • name: sl_last_demo_link
Demo CTA Clicked - CTA url clicked by user
  • type: Url
  • name: sl_last_demo_cta
Demo Checklist Completed - checklist of features completed
  • type: boolean
  • name: sl_last_demo_checklist_completed
Demo Sessions - total count of demo sessions by the lead
  • type: Integer
  • name: sl_demo_session
Here is reference on how the data will show for your lead in Marketo
Custom Activities
apiName: 'storylaneEngagedDemo',
name: 'Engaged Storylane Demo',
attributes: [
{ apiName: 'demoName',
name: 'Demo Name',
dataType: 'string' },
{ apiName: 'demoUrl',
name: 'Demo Link',
dataType: 'string' },
{ apiName: 'demoViewedAt',
name: 'Demo Viewed At',
dataType: 'datetime' },
{ apiName: 'demoTimeSpent',
name: 'Demo Time',
dataType: 'integer' },
{ apiName: 'demoCompletionPercent',
name: 'Demo Complete',
dataType: 'integer' },
{ apiName: 'demoChecklistCompleted',
name: 'Demo Checklist Completed',
dataType: 'boolean' },
{ apiName: 'demoCta',
name: 'Demo CTA Clicked',
dataType: 'string' },
{ apiName: 'demoSessionLink',
name: 'Demo Session Link',
dataType: 'string' }
Here’s the reference on how this activity looks in Marketo