Send leads to 5000+ apps through Zapier
Storylane directly integrates with Zapier so leads and analytics captured from your demo can be sent to any third-party app.
(Note: if lead can't be identified or captured then Zapier will not be triggered

Identifying Leads

There are few ways in which you can capture or identify leads. You can refer the article on Lead Tracking to learn more

How to Integrate

  • Click the "Settings" on the left-hand menu, and then click on "Integration" tab.
  • Choose Zapier integration and click on the "Connect" button.
  • You will be provided API-Key to copy and use inside zapier for connecting Storylane app

Sample Response Data

Once integrated, you will see demo analytics pushed instantly once lead is captured. Below is data sample:
// Some code
first_name: Bob,
last_name: Sam,
last_demo: {
name: Mercury Demo
viewed_at: 2023-09-13T21:51:00.734+00:00
completion: 100
time_spent: 29
checklist_completed: false
demo_sessions: 12
buyer_reveal: {
company_name: "Acme Inc",
company_domain: "[email protected]",
company_annual_revenue_range: "$10M-$20M",
company_employee_range: "50-100"

Sample Integration - Send leads to Google Sheets