Hubspot Integration Features

There is quite a lot you can do within Hubspot using Storylane data (workflows, reporting, email campaigns, etc.) See more below!

Activity Tracking

  • Open a contact

  • Navigate to Activity tab

  • Include Storylane in “Filter Activity”

Email Campaign

  • Navigate to your demo

  • Click Share > Email Campaign

  • Copy the Hubspot link

  • Add this link to any element in your Hubspot email

  • ⭐️ We highly recommend exporting your demo as a GIF, adding to Hubspot email, and linking to the Hubspot email campaign demo link.

  • Review and send your email. Each recipient will receive a personalized link with their email in the URL, which will send analytics to Hubspot.


  • Create a new Single Object report

  • Select "Contacts" as the object

  • Add a Contact Property - search “demo” to see a list of Storylane properties (i.e “Storylane Demo Name”)

  • Add a filter (i.e “Storylane Demo Complete (%))

  • Select your chart type, and view the results!


  • Create a new Workflow from Scratch

  • Select “Contact-based”

  • Set up your triggers. Search “Storylane” in Filter Categories to see what is available.

  • Next, choose an Action. What happens when the trigger’s criteria are met? Email the contact owner. Send a Slack notification?

  • Complete the rest of the workflow to your liking, and publish.


  • You can add a lead form within your demo by creating one in Hubspot and embedding it in a Lead Form element in Storylane. Keep your embedded lead form short and sweet!

  • If you require more than a few fields for your form, we recommend linking the last step of your demo to an external lead form. Just add a CTA and direct it to the correct URL.

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