Tell personalized story at scale

Tokens are perfect to quickly personalize your demo at scale. You will need tokens if any of the below is applicable:

  • Quickly personalize demo content at scale before sharing it with each prospect

  • Use lead-form to dynamically personalize demo content

  • Personalize demo content from URL params

Read below to learn more about how content can be personalized in different ways.

Personalizing Guided Steps

You can also personalize your guided step content with "Text Tokens". When personalized content is provided, your prospects will be able to relate to your demos even better.

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Personalizing HTML Screens

Text Tokens

You can edit the captured HTML screens and insert dynamic text tokens to personalize the demo content.

  • Click on any text element in the captured screen

  • Then, select "Insert Text Token" to add your token

  • Configure multiple tokens for your account by clicking on "Manage Fields". You can also assign a 'default' value as a fallback option.

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Date/Time Tokens

You can also insert more real-time date or time data in your captured HTML screens.

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Image Tokens

You can dynamically swap out logos or images in your demo before sharing them with prospects.

  • Click on any image element and choose "Assign Image token"

  • Create a new token or choose an already existing token

  • Assign 'Default' image for fallback

  • If your image or logo is present on other pages, then choose to match "All Screens" (Storylane automatically detects the same element logo and updates all with a token so you don't need to do it on each screen)

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