Personalize from URL params

You can personalize your demo content through URL query parameters. Once you have 'Text tokens' setup then you can build different demo urls by encoding the token values as URL params.

Let's say you have 3 tokens setup in your demo ("first_name", "last_name", "company_name"), then you can build your demo url with data like below:[first_name]=Jane&token[last_name]=Smith&token[company_name]=Acme

When the above demo url is opened then it will be automatically personalized with token values passed in URL params.

Passing data from CRM or Marketing Automation platform

You can also pass data from your CRM or marketing platforms as token values in URL params

Hubspot - see the resource here on how hubspot contact data can be used as token values

Here is Example for above URL:[first_name]={{contact.firstname}}&token[last_name]={{contact.lastname}}&token{company_name}={{}}

Marketo - resource here on how Marketo data can be used as token values{{lead.Email Address:default=noemail}}

Pardot - resource here on how Pardot data can be used as token values{{Recipient.Email}}

ActiveCampaign - resource here on how ActiveCampaign data can be used as token values

Lemlist - resource here on how Lemlist data can be used as token values{{email}}

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