Demo Hub Configuration

Demo Hub Configuration is smooth and easy to follow, getting you up to speed in no time.

Each Demo Hub consists of three configurable steps:

Content Configuration

  1. Add Header & CTAs

Header & CTAs allow you to set up a main title, description, and call-to-action buttons for your Demo Hub.

  • Title: Enter the title for your Demo Hub. Example: "Interactive Product Demos".

  • Description: Provide a brief description. Example: "Showcasing key product capabilities to enhance customer engagement".

  • Primary CTA: Define the primary call-to-action text and URL. Example: "Book a Demo".

  • Secondary CTA: Optionally add a secondary CTA. Example: "Share" or "Visit Pricing".

  • Upload Logo: Upload your company's logo in supported formats (.ico, .png, .svg).

  1. Add Sections

A section represents a group of related demos. For example, a section titled "Integrations" could include various interactive demos showcasing different integrations that your product supports.

  • Click on the "+ Add Section" button.

  • Enter the section title. Example: "Integrations".

  • Select alignment (Center or Left).

  1. Add Demos to Sections

In each section, you can have up to 3 demos.

  • Click on "+ Add Demo" in a section.

  • Choose from available demos or search for a specific one.

  • Configure the demo display title.

  • Add the hover button text. This button is shown when hovering over the demo card.

  • Enter the existing demo's URL and optionally change the preview image.

Styling Configuration

You can style your Demo Hub to perfectly match your brand's look and feel.

  1. General, Header & CTAs Styling

  • Font Family: Select the font for your Demo Hub.

  • Background Color: Set the background color.

  • Text Style: Customize heading and description text size and color.

  • Primary and Secondary CTA Styling: Set base color, text color, and, text size.

  1. Section Styling

  • Section Title Styling: Set the heading text size and color.

  • Demo Style: Configure background color, title size, and hover message styling.

  • Hover Message: Set the color and text size of the hover message of the demo card.

Options Configuration

  1. Lead Forms

Demo Hub can be used to increase your lead pipeline. You can capture new leads and send them to your CRM or marketing platform.

  • Toggle to enable lead forms.

  • Click "Edit" to customize lead form settings.

  • Select the Lead Form Type: Choose between native lead forms or custom embed forms.

a. Storylane Native Lead Form

This form provides four fields: title ,email , name (optional) , and CTA that are configurable.

b. Custom Embed Form

You can build your own custom form, and copy and paste its embed code through the inbuilt lead form guide. Most commonly, we see forms built from HubSpot and Marketo.

  • Select when to show the lead form and set up integrations

  • Set when to display the lead form (on demo open, after 10 seconds, after 30 seconds, or after 60 seconds).

  • Set up integrations and send new leads to your CRM or marketing platform.

  1. Add Custom Code

You can add custom scripts for Google Analytics, chatbots, etc., in the header code and footer code.

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