Managing Team

In this section, you'll learn how to efficiently manage your team and collaborate effectively on

How do I add someone to my team?

You can invite team members easily through the Storylane settings by following these steps: Within the Settings menu, under the "Team" section, you'll discover two methods for adding new team members.

Invite by Email: You have the flexibility to invite multiple people to join you. Type each member's email address and click send. Upon clicking "send", invitations will be dispatched to these individuals, inviting them to become part of your Storylane team.

Invite by Link: To streamline the process of inviting multiple individuals to join your Storylane team, you can duplicate an invite link. When anyone clicks on this link, they will be automatically included in your team. Feel free to share this link via Slack channels, company emails, or other communication channels.

Team roles in Storylane?

Storylane offers three team roles:

  1. Admin: Full control, including invitations, content creation, and settings.

  2. Creator: Create, edit, and publish demos.

  3. Presenter: Access and view demos, and create demo links.

When to use Creator and when to use Presenter roles?

👉 Demo Creator role is usually for marketers, who focus on building demos, without worrying that someone will tweak or delete the data. You have full access to the Storylane dashboard and the Editor.

👉 Demo Presenter role is used primarily by sales teams, who have view-only access, which includes the ability to create individual demo links for each prospect, and secure them, personalize, and track demo-specific engagement.

See how it works in the interactive demo below 👇

How to assign a new owner (admin) to the team?

  1. Open Storylane > go to "Settings" > click on "Team".

  2. Find the user you wish to assign as the new owner > Click on the 3-dots menu (usually found at the end of the user's row) > Set the permission to 'Admin'.

How do I change the email address of my account?

To change your account's email address, please contact us via We will do it for you.

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