Custom Domain

Share your demos in custom branded domain

All your demos can be served in custom-branded domains.

Typically, demos are served like this:

When you implement a custom domain configuration, a demo can be served like this:

How to setup a custom domain:

To get started, please reach out to your sales contact or support for enabling a custom domain in your account.

Please make sure you have access to DNS settings or loop your IT team with it.

Configuration Steps:

1. Setup a CNAME for your domain or subdomain and point it to

Note: make sure you set it up to exactly "" and do not replace the "custom-domain" with your own company name.

2. Once you complete setting up the CNAME configuration from above (1), contact Storylane support for enabling your custom domain

3. Storylane will provision the SSL certificate for your custom domain and will notify you once the setup is complete. (typically 24 hours)

Once your setup is complete, you would be able to access your demos securely (https with TLS1.2) on your custom domains like:<story-id>

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