You can download your interactive demos as GIFs or Videos (BETA).

Keep in mind that Storylane excels when used for interactive demos, allowing viewers to directly interact with your product. Once downloaded, interactive demos lose their interactivity and become view-only GIFs or videos.

Download as a GIF

  • If you want to share a small demo snippet as a GIF, click "Share" > "Download" > "View & Download", and copy the GIF for email or download it.

  • These are perfect for use in email campaigns and social media posts.

  • Here is an interactive demo on how to do it 👇

Download Video (BETA)

  • You can export your demo as an MP4 video file; audio export coming soon.

  • On the share page > Go to 'Download' > Under Video (BETA), click 'Download' > You will automatically receive an email with the video and the GIF.

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