Demo Hub Analytics

Demo Hub Analytics provides you with a central place to understand how each of your live Demo Hubs is performing and how prospects are engaging.

Demo Hub Analytics

Analytics provide valuable insights into how users interact with your Demo Hub, helping you optimize your demos and improve engagement.

  • In the analytics section for each demo hub, you can see a summary of key metrics per lead, such as:

    • Leads (emails) - if it's collected, you will see the email address of the demo hub viewer

    • Company - to which company the viewer belongs

    • Demos Viewed - how many demos in the demo hub were viewed

    • Last View - the time of the last view

    • Time Spent - total time spent in the demo hub.

    • CTA Clicked - Are the CTAs (primary and secondary) clicked in each demo hub

Lead Activities

Access detailed analytics for each lead in the Demo Hub.

Understand how each user interacts with your demo hub and its demos:

  • Track lead details: email, name, device, and location.

  • View specific demo activities:

    • demo opened

    • demo steps viewed

    • lead form captured

    • time spent

    • % completion rate

You can also use UTM parameters - to track where a lead is coming from and to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by identifying the source, medium, campaign, and term associated with each demo interaction.

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