Editing Screens

Customize captured screens
Screenshot Demo
Only when a demo is captured using "Record HTML" screens will be editable. HTML Demo is available starting from the Growth Plan.
👉 To start, open the HTML demo and switch to "EDIT" mode in the Editor mode.

Edit Content

  • Change Text - Click on any text element and inline edit them.
  • Replace Images - Click on logos or images and update them from the library.
  • Graphs / Charts - You can edit graph and chart text when they are captured in SVG format. When you click on the elements you will get the option to edit.
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Anonymize Elements

  • Blur Elements - Click on any element and blur the content. It's useful to hide any sensitive data.
  • Delete Element - Will completely remove the elements from the screen and auto-adjust the screen alignment.
  • Hide Element - It's useful if you don't want the screen to auto-align, and also provides the option to unhide the elements later.
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Embed Content

Click on the element you would like to embed with new content -> choose "Embed Content". List of different content that can be embedded:
  • Video / GIF / Audio / PDF - upload various file types to make it interactive in the screen
  • Any Embed - You can embed media players (Youtube/Vimeo/Loom...), maps, charts, etc.
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Global Search & Replace

Search for any text across all your screens quickly and replace them. It will list the total matches found on each screen allowing you to verify and replace them.
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Text Triggers

Adding a text trigger to an HTML demo is a great way to engage your user and demonstrate your product. There are two ways to add them based on your use case - in the guided experience, or the clickable experience.
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Rename HTML Screens

Click on the 'Screens' tab to view the screens you've captured. Select the screen to rename -> three dots -> choose "Rename" -> change the name of the screen -> click the checkmark to save your changes.
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Copy / Paste Elements

Click on element -> three dots -> choose "Copy Element" to copy to the clipboard. Then, you can choose the element you would like updated and select "Paste Element".
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If you made any mistake during the editing of your screen, you can click on the undo icon to revert changes.

Blurring Screen

  • Click on "Blur Screen" in the Demo Editor > Draw a region to blur on the image > Hit the "Save" button. To undo a blur, click the "Blur Screen" icon again, and select "Revert To Original."

Zooming into a Demo

Zooming in is a great way to direct your audience’s focus to specific parts of your product. To start:
Choose the screen you want to zoom into > From the left sidebar, select the Magnifying Glass icon > Position the guide (the beacon) on the area you want to zoom into > Finally, select a zoom amount by changing the Zoom percentage at the bottom of the highlighted area.

Replacing and updating Background Screen

  • Click on "Replace Background" > Choose the relevant screen > Select the "Replace" Button

Dark and Light Mode

  • At Storylane, you can choose between dark and light modes in your demo:
    • Navigate to the select mode button > select the desired mode.

Fullscreen Mode

If you plan to showcase your screenshot demo in full-screen, check whether you have enabled a border for your demo. Follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Open the demo for which you'd like to check the border.
  2. 2.
    Click on demo settings (gear icon at the top) > Frame color.
  3. 3.
    Ensure it's set to either light or dark.
  4. 4.
    Once this is set, republish the demo, open the URL of the demo, and click on the full-screen icon at the top to enter full-screen mode.