Demo Settings

Settings that apply to your published demo.

To access these settings, start by clicking the button.


Setup Navigation

  • Toggles on and off the rectangular step indicators at the bottom of your published demos. You can also change their color!

Setup a Convert CTA Button

  • Add an always-visible CTA button to your demo, priming your buyers to take action: book a demo, visit pricing, create an account, and convert at any point. Read more here.

Frame Color

  • Lets you toggle between a Light Frame, Dark Frame, or no frame. **Screenshot Demo Only**

Demo Themes

Display Title

  • Adding a Display Title distinguishes what your viewers see, vs the file name in Storylane.

Small Screen Warning

  • Alerts your viewers when they are visiting your demo on a screen that is smaller than recommended. You can specify the width at which the warning appears (default is 800px).

Auto Play

  • Advance your demo to the next step after a specified period of inactivity (5 seconds is the default)

Pro Tip: By setting the last step of your flow to link to the first step, you can use Auto Play to create a continuous loop of your demo.

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