Enrich demo viewers data on Storylane with personal/company info from Clearbit.

The Storylane and Clearbit integration empowers you to gather personal and company data about your demo viewers, offering you valuable insights to enhance your demos. Say goodbye to unknown leads and get ready to supercharge your demos!

(Note: you don't need a Clearbit account. You just need to have an active Storylane account)

How to Integrate (Introducing Account Reveal)

With the Account Reveal feature, you can enrich viewers' data with company info from Clearbit, automatically, without a Clearbit account.

Therefore, enriching your demo viewers' data with Account Reveal is incredibly simple:

  1. Enable Account Reveal: Activate in Settings for your demos with a single click.

  2. Access Insights: View enriched company data about your demo viewers directly in the Analytics Dashboard.

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