Screenshot Demo

With each click in your workflow, the Storylane extension takes a screenshot of it.

Useful for quickly building guided interactive tours without screen edits.

The screenshot demo supports multi-tab capturing: You can capture screens across multiple tabs in your browser. This feature is automatically enabled in your account.

  • Open the tab you wish to capture.

  • Launch Storylane's Chrome Extension.

  • Click "Create New Demo" (or Add to Existing Demo, if you have a demo already created)

  • Select "Record Screenshot". Storylane will take screenshots with each click you make.

  • After completing your flow capture, click "Stop Recording" Storylane will then open the preview screen, where you can quickly see the entire flow captured before editing it.

How to restart/cancel your demo capturing?

In case you made a mistake while capturing your demo, and want to do it again, simply navigate to the Storylane Chrome Extension, and click the 'Cancel' button, so that you can easily stop and restart your demo capture without any hassle.

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