How to add/embed Storylane demo in the Zendesk article?

If you're looking to showcase a Storylane demo in your Zendesk article, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Copy the embed code of the Storylane demo that you want to include in your Zendesk article.

  2. Important: Remove the line that says <script src=""></script> from your embed code.

  3. Open the Zendesk article that you want to embed the demo in, and click "Add Link" icon

  4. Paste the your embed code without the <script> in it's entirety where Zendesk prompts you to "Paste URL".

If you're new to embedding content in Zendesk articles, it may be helpful to watch a video tutorial to guide you through the process. Check out the following video for a step-by-step demonstration:

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