Screenshot Based

Record quick guided product-tour

Using Chrome Extension

Create New Demo - to build a new demo story:
  • Open the chrome extension
  • Select "Record New Demo"
  • Choose "Record Screenshot" and start recording the demo
Once you start recording, Storylane automatically captures every click and smartly stitches them together to build an interactive guided demo for you.
Press Cmd+Q (or Ctrl +Q) to stop recording. It will automatically open the Editor which will allow you to finalize the demo.
Story about creating your first screenshot based demo
Choose Existing Demo - add screens to the existing demo story
  • Open the chrome extension
  • Select "Choose Existing Demo"
  • Select your story and you will see options to "Add Screenshot" or "Start Recording" again

Upload Screens Manually (or Mobile Demos)

You can also upload screens manually to either 'Create a new demo' story or you can add a one-off screenshot to an existing story
Typically you would need to add them manually if you have a mobile or desktop application.
Story showing how to upload screens manually
Pro tip: if you only have Figma screens, then you can still capture them using our screenshot recording through chrome extension by entering full-screen mode in Figma