Create your Demo

First things first, you need to have a Storylane account, so either:
Now, you can go ahead and do the following:
Step 1. Install the Storylane Chrome Extension
  • Once logged in, make sure to install the Storylane Chrome Extension. Creating demos using our extension is super simple and easy - it takes 10 mins to get your first demo going.
Step 2. Record and Edit Your First Demo
Step 3. Publish and Share your Demo
  • After building your first demo, it's time to publish it and share the demo with your audience.
Step 4. Track engagement and act accordingly
  • What is a product demo without powerful analytics to understand its engagement? Storylane automatically gathers usage data and tracks leads for you.
Step 5. Add Integrations
  • Once you have a demo built using Storylane and start to see events, the next step would be configuring your integrations so you can receive data in your favorite tool.
Step 6. Invite colleagues and become a company champion
  • Storylane is successfully used by multiple departments in 750+ companies, including Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success. By introducing Storylane to other departments and colleagues, you can help them save time and improve efficiency.
Try Interactive Demo Yourself 👇