Sharing your Story

Share your demos with prospects
Fantastic news if you have built your first story and are ready to share with prospects
While you are building your demo story, you will notice the status as "Draft". Once its ready, you can publish clicking on the
button in the editor. This will publish your demo story and provide you different options for sharing.

Public Share URL

Once your demo is published, unique public URL is generated for it (here is an example See the below story to learn more:
Story showing how to share your story
(Note: If you would like to have custom domain for your demo stories then jump here on how to setup)

Export as a GIF

If you are looking to share a small demo snippet as a GIF, follow the steps below
Click "Publish" > Select "Email Campaign" > Copy the GIF as a thumbnail or URL > Paste it wherever you'd like to publish the GIF

Secure Sharing

You can secure your demo story URL by adjusting its link settings. There are two options:
  • Passcode - once you set up a passcode and share the link with someone, the first thing they will see is to enter the passcode (See sample demo here with passcode : <todo: demo link with passcode>)
  • Expiry Date - once expiry date and time has passed for the demo URL, then the link will no longer be accessible.
Story showing how to secure your story