Embedding your Story

Share your demos with prospects
Storylane demos can be embedded across wide variety of websites or services. We provide multiple options to embed depending on your needs
  • Inline Embed - Copy embed code and you can add it to any website. Demo starts once page loads.
  • Inline Embed with CTA - Demo preview will be shown with CTA button. Clicking the CTA loads the demo.
  • Popup Embed - Add CTA button on your website, and on click it will open popup window with demo.
Here is quick demo on different embed options
Story showing how to embed your story

Supported Platforms

Below are few of list of platforms that are supported out-of-box for embedding Storylane demos.
  • Webflow
    • Open Webflow, select HTML block (need webflow paid plan)
    • Paste your embed code from Storylane demo, then publish to view it
  • Wordpress
    • Type HTML, and paste your embed code from Storylane demo.
    • Click “preview” to view the demo
  • Notion
    • Simply add your story URL and demo will be embedded in the document
    • Simply add your story URL in Confluence page, then
    • change the display to "Inline Embed" to view the demo in the page
  • Gitbook
    • Add your URL in the gitbook page and you will be able to see demo preview
  • Readme
    • Add your URL in readme docs page and you will be able to see demo preview
  • Miro
    • Choose 'Embed iFrame Code' in your board and drop in the storylane demo url
  • Guru
  • Zendesk
  • Trainual

oEmbed Support

Storylane demos support oEmbed standards which means you can add the demo story URL to many different platforms or services apart from the ones mentioned above.