Live Clickable Demo

Demo environment for your sales team to use
** Only when demo is captured using "Record HTML" applicable for live demos**
Live Demos will empower your sales teams so they can show customized, consistent and rock-solid product demos.
Use cases
  • Quickly customizing and personalizing your demos for prospects in discovery call
  • Showing demos of different data to various stakeholders
  • Scaling reps to show consistent demos at large scale

How to build live Demos

Live Clickable demos are built after you record your product screens using the "Record HTML" option. Once you have recorded various screens needed for your demo, then you can build links between captured screens to simulate live demo experience.
Linking screens
  • Choose Element in the captured screen,
  • Select 'link' icon and choose the target screen
  • While creating a link, pick how to link the element "All Screens" vs "Only this Screen".
    • "All Screens" -> Automatically search for the element across all screens to create link. (this is useful if you have same element repeating in different screens, so you don't have to repeatedly create links on each screen)
    • "Only this Screen" -> Will create link only for current screen (this is useful if you want to have different linking for same element from different screens)
See example story below on how to set it up:
Story showing how to link screens
Auto-Linking screens
You can also auto-link screens while recording your demo screens. Please reach out to Storylane support and we can enable it for your account. Storylane will smartly remember what you clicked on and link the screens for you.