Overlay widgets that guide users through the story
Guides help in building an ideal "Product Tour" so that your viewers can navigate and learn key benefits of your product. Depending on how you recorded the demo, we will go over how to add guides:

Using 'Record Screenshot'

If you recorded your demo from extension using "Record Screenshot" then you likely have already built a guided demo. Congratulations !
You can now edit the recorded tour by adding, removing, customizing or moving the widgets.

Using 'Record HTML'

If you recorded your demo from extension using "Record HTML" then you would have captured all screens by now and should be ready to add guided steps.
(Note: If you need to first edit your captured content, then see editing screens)

Adding Guided Steps

By default, a flow will be created for your demo. Flows are series of steps that allow users to progress.
You can click on "Add Step" button in a flow and choose a widget type to add to your demo. Below are different widget types that can be added as a step in the flow:


Hotspot - Has pulsating beacon to point at specific thing in your demo
Walkthrough - Useful to point certain section of screen when combined with backdrop


Text only - Popup with text and CTA button. Good to introduce your demo or as final step.
Image - Popup that provides option to add custom image (commonly used with welcome image, or product logo).
Video - Popup that provides option to add custom video . Upload video or simply add video url hosted from youtube, vimeo, wistia, vidyard etc (commonly used as short welcome video introducing the product or just saying "hi" to make your demos more friendly for viewers)
Lead Form - Popup form to capture lead email and/or name. (commonly used in beginning or middle or end of demo flows) . Learn more about how to embed custom form (hubspot, marketo or pardot) or capturing leads through demo URL params​
Story showing how to new guided steps