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Text Triggers

Adding a text trigger to an HTML demo is a great way to engage your user and demonstrate your product. There are two ways to add them based on your use case - in the guided experience, or the clickable experience.

Guided HTML Demos

Select a screen containing a text input field for a guided demo. In the Guide tab of the editor, add a tooltip, and align the dot inside the text input field so that it is highlighted. Then, hover over your tooltip and click Edit Guide > Config > Trigger > Edit. Add the text you want your user to match, and click Save. In your guide, prompt the user to enter the exact text in the input field. This will trigger the demo to go to the next step.

Clickable HTML Demos

For a clickable demo, you will add a text trigger from the Design tab of the editor. Select the desired screen containing a text input field, then click the Add Link button. Select “Text Input” from the first dropdown on the next screen, add the desired text, and choose what screen the trigger will take the user to via the rest of the fields.