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Storylane's mission is to empower companies to turn their product into a Growth Engine. Today's buyers demand a "Show, don't tell" approach, and companies need to embrace it. With Storylane you can do just that and more! Read on to see how you can achieve a better growth rate.
Topics covered in this article

Storylane and its Use Cases

Storylane allows you to build interactive and guided product demos in few minutes. With our platform you can record HTML (editable) and Screenshot (non-editable) screens for your demos.
Our platform is packed with various features so it can be used across different teams in your organization. Below are some common use cases and examples on how Storylane is used by our customers today:
  • Product Tours: You can build guided-tour of your product and embed on your marketing website. This will help drive PLG and increase qualified leads in your funnel. (PS: You can embed lead form as well)
  • Email Campaigns: Send product-tour in your email campaigns to show new features or specific flow of your product.
  • Blogs/Landing pages: Embed small quick guided-tours of your product features in your blogs, resources or landing pages to drive engagement
  • Demo leave-behind: Create a guided + clickable demo of your product that's customized for your prospect, and send it out to them as demo leave-behinds. This will help your champion buyer to internalize your product and accelerate deals.
  • Live Demos: Show Storylane demos in discovery calls or at various POC stages. Your sales reps can be trained to follow consistent demo flow.
  • Partner Selling and Training: Share Storylane demos with extended partners so they can follow guided and consistent demo flows. Also, use it for training new sales reps
Customer Success
  • Onboarding: Your customer success team can use Storylane for onboarding customers to your product platform from beginning to end, with detailed steps.
  • Knowledge Base/How to guides: You can embed Storylane demos in various knowledge base tools or docs as how-to-guide of your product features. This documentation will show you that as proof hopefully :)
  • Product Change-log: If you shipped a new feature then record quick demo in minutes to show-case your feature. Share the feature in social platform and you can drive engagement
  • Customer Feedback: Embed Storylane in various website or services - Notion, Zendesk, Readme, Gitbook, Jira / Confluence, Webflow etc to gather user feedback

Set up your Account

First things first, you'll need to have a Storylane account. If your team already has an account, ask one of the admins to send you an invite. You'll receive your invite via email and you'll be able to sign in.
If you're the first person from your team to create an account, you can sign-up here.

Install Storylane Chrome Extension

Once logged in, make sure to install the chrome extension from here. Building demos using our extension is super simple and easy - 10 mins to get your first demo going

Inviting Team Members

Once you are logged in to Storylane platform, now you can invite other members in your team to build demos.
Now, that you have account setup and installed our chrome extension , lets plan on building a demo

Plan your Demo

Before starting to record a demo, think of what you want to showcase in the demo. Below are few key pointers to help you:
  • Who is your audience ? And what are the key 3-5 "aha" moments you want to showcase?
  • What would be CTA action for your users? eg: start trial, request demo or signup to product
  • How many product flows do you want to showcase ? We recommend not more than 8-12 steps in each flow
  • Do you plan to have gated product demo? eg: lead form in beginning or middle or end of demos
Once you have some idea on what you would like in your demo then go ahead and "Open the Extension" and click on "Create New Demo". Storylane provides two modes of recording:
Record Screenshot
Choose this mode if:
  • You don't need to edit demo content
  • Only need guided demo
Record HTML
Choose this mode if:
  • You need to customize and edit demo content, or
  • Need to use in live-demos that feels like real product