August 21, 2023

New Features

This set of releases include a lot of under the hood maintenance work and a few new features that were requested by our customers.

Let's dive in!

  • Replay Demo Toggle: Up until now, if your demo doesn't have a lead form at the end, then a replay button would appear there. But we got some feedback that since the replay button completely masks the last screen, the viewer doesn't consume the information on this, which many times can be an important screen. We're now bringing a toggle button to control this behavior. Moving forward, enabling the toggle will hide the replay button, once the viewer reaches the last step of the demo. Currently we're looking for more feedback on this feature so it's not been publicly released. You can however request for it by emailing at

  • Modal Width Increment: The maximum permissible width for the modals (media, text and lead form) have been increased to 800. The width for Hotspot/ Tooltip widgets can go to a maximum of 600 px.

  • Support for Pardot: If you're a HubSpot/ Salesforce/ Intercom customer, you must be aware that Storylane has a direct integration with these automation platforms. We're now bringing in similar support for Pardot as well. With this you can,

    • Create new leads

    • Update demo analytics for leads

    • Create timeline activity of demo sessions for leads

    For more information on this, please refer to the Pardot integration documentation.

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