March 14, 2023

New Features

  • Custom forms: You can now embed custom lead forms on your Storylane demos. This way you'll now be able to capture all the additional lead information that you need via your CRM forms. The way this works is, once you've created a form in your CRM, just copy its embed code and paste it in the embed custom form pop-up, while adding the lead form widget. Below is an example for a form created in HubSpot. For people not on either Marketo or HubSpot, they need to simply select "custom" from the dropdown, as the only exception to the process. Getting the lead form embed code for, HubSpot - Marketing >> Lead Capture >> Forms >> Hover over a form and click Edit >> Embed >> Embed Code Marketo - Marketing Activities >> Select Form >> Form Actions >> Embed Code

  • Additions to Analytics CSV: Your exported analytics CSV files will now also consist of information regarding "City" and "Country" from where a lead has engaged with your demo. This will help you run more targeted campaigns by bringing some additional demographic data of your prospects

  • Onboarding guides: While there's a learning curve for almost every new product, we want to help you get past it faster so that you can start realizing the full value of the product, as soon as possible. In lieu of this, every new user will now be greeted with a few onboarding guides on the dashboard. These will help first-timers get started in no time and once you feel confident about using Storylane, you can close them for good.

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