May 16, 2023

New Features

Let's look at the new features we've released in the past couple of weeks,

  • Text Based Triggers: In HTML demos, wherever there's a scope of inputting text in a text field inside your product (search, for example), you'll now be able to link the text to any product screen or external URL. This is available in the link as well as guide modes and will help create a more inherently engaging experience for your users. Let's look at how it works in the link mode,

The above example demonstrates when you want to link a text input to a particular screen. For linking to an external URL, the only difference is you need to select "Go to URL" from the "Then" dropdown and specify the URL.

Even for the guide mode, after you add a guide to any part of your product where there's a text field, click "Edit Step", move to "Config" and click "Add" Trigger. Then follow the same steps as above.

  • Flow Option in CTAs: With the flow option being added to CTAs, building a multi-faceted tour will be much easier now. At the simple click of a button, you'll be able to guide your users to any step inside your demo, irrespective of which flow the step is a part of. All you've to do is enable the "Secondary CTA" option for the steps and click on the CTA to view the Flow option. Select any flow from the dropdown and then any steps from the selected flow to complete the setup.

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