December 12, 2023

New Features

Remember the hint from November's release where we said that one of our upcoming releases will solve your demo customization woes forever?

Well, we're finally ready to unveil the curtains on one of the biggest releases of the year and close 2023 on an absolute high.

Launching Themes

With Themes a.k.a demo templates, you're no longer required to customize your demos individually every time. Create a demo and apply one of your pre-built themes to cut your demo creation time into half. You can create as many themes as you'd like and edit them on the go.

This replaces the existing 'batch update' feature but will enhance the overall experience giving you full controls over each aspect of your demos.

Here's a quick overview of creating a theme.

Give it a spin today and let us know what you think!

In addition to that, we also released a few other features.

  • Replay Product Tours: Now easily replay product tours in demos by clicking a button when adding a checklist. This will be auto-enabled for all demos and will be accessible only when you proceed from the first step in a given product tour.

  • Support for Hebrew Language: You can now translate your Storylane demos into Hebrew language as well, adding to the 25+ languages already present today.

  • GIFs in Link Preview: Link previews of Storylane demos will now automatically be in the form of GIFs rather than static images. This will showcase the true interactive nature of your demos immediately while sharing it with your customers/ prospects.

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