July 5, 2023

New Features

While we gear for one of our biggest launches next week, here are a couple of releases to help you get more out of Storylane.

  • Custom Date Range in Analytics Export: While exporting the analytics CSV, the earlier option was downloading it for a singular month at a time. Meaning, if you wanted to see the data for past 6 months, you had to export 6 different CSV files - one for each month. We're removing that limitation now. The new export window will enable you to select any custom date range, within the past 6 months, for which you wish to export the analytics data.

  • Terms Agreement in Lead Forms: On popular request, we are now bringing in "agree to terms" disclaimer field to our lead forms. This will be auto-enabled on the lead forms (as highlighted below), every time you add one to your demo. It functions like a typical text field, so in case you wish to remove it, just delete the text. You can keep the standard text, edit it and can even link it to the relevant page so that prospects can read through it, before submitting their details.

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