October 11, 2023

New Features

If you're a Storylane customer then brace yourself for some path-breaking updates in the next couple of weeks. These will be around both how you create your demos and how you distribute them. Watch this space for more updates!

In the meantime, we've released a few more upgrades centered around the editor to ease your demo creation process a bit more.

Let's dive in!

  • Toast Message in HTML Demos: To ensure viewers don't waste their time clicking on the non-linked elements in HTML demos, we launched "hints" to highlight linked elements on the screen. We're now taking this a notch up. Now, along with enabling hints, you can also add a standard toast message to your HTML demos. It will be displayed centrally on the screen whenever a user clicks on a non-linked element. You'll find this option under the same hints toggle, inside settings and the message could be seen even in the preview mode.

  • Editor Help Dropdown: To help you with all the necessary support during your demo creation journey, we've now added one-click links to initiate customer support as well as accessing the knowledge base.This will help you quickly resolve all your product related queries or even checkout the best practices, in a jiffy. Additionally, you'll also find an option to quickly go over the keyboard shortcuts that can be used inside the demo editor, for faster navigation.

  • Storing Original Copies of Blurred Images: Earlier, when blurring any image, there was no way to go back to the original image once you've saved the blurred one. The only way was to upload an identical image. We're changing that. Even after saving a blurred image, you'll now see a "revert to original" option in the top right corner of the blur image pop-up. Clicking on this will restore the original image. You could then again blur any parts of the image from scratch or simply reuse it for other purposes.

  • New AI Transcription Voices: We've added two more AI transcription voices to the mix. The new voices namely, Mark and Sara (both English), will give you more variety in terms of dialects while adding voiceovers to your demos.

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