April 18, 2023

New Features

Checkout our latest round of releases concerning flows.

  • Copy Flows: We've added the ability to copy any of the existing flows from any existing demo into your current demo. This will eliminate the need to create repetitive flows for the same set of functions. Copy unlimited number of flows from different demos into your existing one and piece them together to build new product stories. The way this works is, in your demo editor, go to Flow 1 and from the right panel, click on "Create New". Then, in the pop-up, click on "Copy from existing demo" (below the Create CTA). Then select the demo from which you wish to copy the flow and then the flow. Hit copy and you're done.

  • Product Tour Updates: In order to help you visualize your flows while you're still building them and reduce the back and forth that usually happens while building detailed and lengthy flows, we've introduced a preview window to show changes in real-time. This comes bundled along with the product tour configuration window, which has also been enlarged to accommodate the preview window and help you easily navigate through the nooks and crannies of your tours.

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