March 1, 2023

New Features

  • CRM Icon Click for leads: Along with HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce, we've now added Intercom to the list of CRM tools whose icons will be visible for known leads in Storylane's analytics. As a result, if you use any of the above 4 CRMs, you can simply click on it and get redirected to your respective CRM with all the details of the said lead in front of you, as per your CRM's configuration. This would eliminate the need for you to manually search for particular leads and their engagement patterns in your CRM, everytime there's a new signup.

  • Added Support for Segment: Does your company use Segment to monitor and capture customer data? You can now import lead engagement data from embedded Storylane product tours into your Segment dashboard. If the website on which the Storylane demo is being embedded has a Segment js tracking code and the Segment cookie is available, then Storylane would be able to identify the code and associate it with the lead that's interacted with the demo. This insight can, in turn, be populated on your Segment dashboard.

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