June 27, 2023

New Features

This time we have made a raft of improvements and additions to the Storylane analytics section.

Let's kick things of with ease of data filtering,

  • Show Only Engaged Sessions: After enabling this checkbox you'll only see data of the sessions where a user engaged with your demo. What does engaging with a demo mean? That a user has moved from the first to the second step of the demo (including filling up the led form). This will help you track only those sessions where a user saw at least some part of your demo, helping you build more informed hypotheses.

  • New Search Fields under Activity: We have added two new search fields to make it easier, and therefore less time-consuming, for you to make sense of your demo analytics. This include,

    • Lead Search Box: Quickly search for precise leads by their email or name to study their activity patterns with your demo. No more endless scrolling.

    • Search Demo in Dropdown: We've also added a search option inside the demo drop-down. This will also help eliminate the need to scroll to locate the demo you wish to analyse, saving you some precious time.

Both these fields have been introduced with a singular objective to help you narrow down their focus area in the least amount of time possible.

Moving on to improvements,

  • Engagement Session Data: Under Engagement, you'll now be able to see total sessions data under the "CTA Clicked" column. For a demo, whenever there's even a single CTA click, the sessions data will be accompanied by an "i" icon. Clicking on this will give information on the number of clicks each CTA inside the said demo saw. This will help users filter their best performing demos basis the engaged sessions. Moreover, they'll also be able to analyze what type of CTAs are performing the best including what their best placements are.

  • Clearbit Integration: No more being dependent on lead forms to identify visitors. If you're a Clearbit customer, you can now identify the visitors on your website embedded Storylane demos. Our Clearbit integration will help enrich the demo viewers data with personal/ company info right inside the Storylane analytics. As a result, you'd know who's checking out your demos, even when they don't fill up the lead form. Below is an example of a Clearbit enriched lead. In addition to highlighting the company the lead belongs to, clicking on the arrow will take you to the respective website as well.

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