February 21, 2023

New Features

  • Improved UI for adding widgets: Now, adding new widgets to specific screens throughout your demo will become way easier irrespective of the screen you're on. The new window will show you the current screen you're on along with all the screens in your flow. You can navigate to any of these and start adding widgets immediately without having to scroll through all the steps. You can even upload new screens in a breeze and add them to your flows.

  • Additions to the widget editor: You'll now be able to easily duplicate a widget, move it to a different flow or even delete widgets seamlessly. Simply right-click on a widget in the right panel and select what you wish to do from the dropdown.

  • Restore deleted widgets: And if you accidentally delete a widget you didn't intend to, you can now restore those deleted widgets with the click of a button. Deleting a widget surfaces a popup saying "Deleted Step" with a new "Undo" button alongside it. Clicking on undo will restore the deleted widget. Please remember though that the restoration is only possible until the popup can be seen, which is for about 10 seconds; after which you won't be able to restore it.

  • Replace background: You can now change the background screen of the tooltips you've already crafted by simply replacing the current one with any of the existing ones. This will eliminate the need to re-create widgets or even entire flows. Hover over the widget to find the "Replace Background Screen" button in the widget menu. You can even upload new screens via the new widget editor and use them for your existing tooltips. The option is also available in the HTML capture.

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