November 30, 2023

New Features - Time for the big release

We've all been so familiar with the ease of creating screenshot demos in Storylane. However, with HTML demos, there has always been this extra step of hitting 'capture' after every click. With this release, we're making changes to that.

Let's dive in!

  • HTML Continuous Capture: We're adding a new 'Continuous Capture' option for HTML demos to the existing 'Single Capture' and 'Timed Capture' options. With this, you don't have to click on capture for every individual click now and just like screenshot demos, every click of yours will get automatically recorded. This will drastically reduce the time it takes today to create HTML demos and help you ship your demos much sooner.

  • GIF Export of Demos: For easily sharing your demos on social media and in emails, we've added an option to export your demos as GIFs. You can generate GIFs in a fraction of seconds at the click of a button and export it to help your prospects/ customers with a quick glimpse of your product.

But we're not quite done yet and there's more in store.

Let me give you a hint 💡, according to you, what should be the most ideal next step after GIF export?

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