June 14, 2023

New Features

Let's look at the new features we've released in the past couple of weeks,

  • Support for UTM Parameters Tracking: Up until now, you could add UTM parameters to your Storylane demos but could only get the UTM tracking data in your Google Analytics account. But going forward, the UTM data will also be available to you via the Demo Sessions CSV export option. You'll find this as the very last column in your CSV exports. Now, there won't be a need for you to do back and forth between your Storylane dashboard and Google Analytics to get this information. Also, for any non-marketers wanting to get their hands on UTM data, they won't have to rely on someone else or learn Google Analytics to extract it.

  • Exit Guide Mode in HTML Demos: Earlier, the only way for your viewers to close a demo at any point is through either closing the tab itself or by clicking on the close (x) button (if you've enabled it). However, now we've also introduced a dedicated exit option to make it evident to your viewers wherever you want to give them the option to exit. The way this works is, enable the "Exit Guide" option from the config menu. Next, click on the secondary button and in the pop-up, click on the "Exit step" option. That's it!

You can add this anywhere within your demo and can still add the close (x) button on top of it.

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