May 29, 2023

New Features

Let's look at the new features we've released in the past couple of weeks,

  • Navigation Bar: The navigation or nav bar helps your viewers,

    • Shuttle back and forth easily while viewing a demo

    • Understand the journey and approximate time it'd take for you to go through the demo

    Currently, the nav bar needs to be enabled manually for each of your past demos, but for all the newly created ones, it'll be auto-applied. You can still choose to disable it manually for new demos. Checkout the GIF below to understand how to enable it for your demos.

  • Dynamic Previews for Share Page Styles: Along with an updated UI of settings, we've also introduced dynamic previews for your page level changes of the demo sharing page. This will help you preview all changes to your logo, favicon, header link as well as demo CTAs in real-time, whenever you want to update them, to avoid time-consuming re-works. You'll find the option to update this inside the "workspace" option in the settings menu.

  • Search Option in HTML Screens Dropdown: Similar to the search option in screen replacement modal, we've now introduced a screen search option in the screens dropdown list as well (top left corner). This would be specifically helpful when you have a lot of screens, as with one click, you'll now be able to quickly search for any of the screens and add it to your demo, without spending time scrolling through them.

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