December 29, 2023

As we wrap up a fantastic year, we're thrilled to share our latest updates, designed to elevate your Storylane experience to new heights!

New Features

  • Integration with Freshsales

    • When a lead is captured in Storylane, you can now automatically create or update leads in Freshsales, including the ability to create records in custom modules.

  • Advanced AI Functionalities

    • New AI Voices: Bring diversity and engagement to your content with an array of new AI-generated voices.

    • Separate AI Audio from Guided Steps: Tell dual stories – one through captivating AI audio and another via interactive guided steps, enriching user experience.

  • Improved Search in 'Activity' Statistics Dashboard

    • Company-Specific Insights: Easily search demo viewers by company names, giving you a clearer view of how specific companies interact with your demos.


  • HTML demos:

    • Faster Image Uploads: Uploading images in HTML demos is now quicker and more efficient, as we've optimized the process by adding attributes to record image URLs.

    • Enhanced Triggers for Text Inputs: Flexibility in triggers has been improved. Now, clicking on text inputs can match any string while still performing the desired action, making your demos more interactive and responsive.

As always, we're eager to hear your feedback and look forward to continuing our journey together in the coming year.

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